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Snapper 2 - does not appear when selecting audio file - crash on quit - preferences not sticking

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017 11:23AM CEST
Some check box has to be checked in the Mac OS System Preferences to ensure Snapper works properly. Maybe this somehow did not work on your system.

Please try this:
- first quit Snapper (make sure it is not running)
- then delete the Snapper preferences file: com.audioease.snapper.plist. This file is the Preferences folder in the User Library. Open the Mac Finder, hit the GO menu, hold down the option (ALT) key and a link to the Library folder will appear. Go to the Preferences folder and delete the file.
- then please restart your mac (important)
- now run snapper
- open the mac os system preferences
- go to the security and privacy settings panel
- then to the privacy tab
- select the accessibility panel on the left
- open the lock on the bottom left (and fill in your password) to make changes
- if Snapper is listed here, please select it and hit the - (minus) button to remove it from the list
- now drag the from your applications folder into this screen
- make sure the box for Snapper is checked. If it IS already checked then please un-check and re-check it
- quit and start Snapper

Now Snapper should function properly. Also please open the preferences in Snapper and review the export settings. Make some changes (set an export folder location for instance) and then try to export.

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